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Shen Yugong won her 3rd Paralympic Gold Medal in Sitting Volleyball (in a row) at London 2012 and has been the one of the sports best attackers for over a decade.  


To read all about her background and how she got into Sitting Volleyball please click on her name above or HERE.

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Merijn Bruijne (The Netherlands, No. 5)

'When I was growing, one leg only grew to be 80% of the other leg.  The difference now is 12 cm, but it would have been more if I didn't have lots of operations to 'stretch' the bones in my other leg.


My parents were always playing volleyball, and every weekend I was in the sports hall from the age of 2.  When I was 6, I was finally able to play myself and lots of people always said that I should look at Sitting Volleyball, but I felt that it was a sport for disabled people and nothing for me.


I then went to sports day that was ran by FC Utrecht to help people with rehabilitation and they were playing lots of sports for disabled people including wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and also Sitting Volleyball.  I remember being unsure whether to try it, but my mother encouraged me to.   When I volleyed the first ball the coach saw that I had played before and after one training session with my nearby club, I was invited to the Dutch National team!'


'Before I played, I had lots of negative thoughts about it all, but having the chance to play for the Dutch team, and playing at the top level was amazing.


Volleyball is my favorite sport by a love way, and I love it because you NEED your teammates, you cannot do it without them.  With sitting volleyball, everyone has a disability but every individual has their own specialty at the same time.’