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Shen Yugong won her 3rd Paralympic Gold Medal in Sitting Volleyball (in a row) at London 2012 and has been the one of the sports best attackers for over a decade.  


To read all about her background and how she got into Sitting Volleyball please click on her name above or HERE.

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Ivan Cosic (Croatia, No. 9)

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'Since I can remember I was always involved in sports. I was a basketball player before I lost my leg in a car accident when I was 15 years old.  My current club ''IOK Zagreb'' had training sessions in the rehabilitation centre where I was located and they asked me if I want to come to a training session and play sitting volleyball with them.


Back then I had never heard of sitting volleyball and I had never played standing volleyball either, so I was a bit sceptical about it. I went to one training session and for some reason I didn't like it. Three years later when I finished high school and after I felt better about myself again, I went to another training session - mainly just so they would stop being so boring and leave me alone! After that training session I got hooked.

I loved the atmosphere, the speed of the game, the teamwork and very quickly fell in love with the sport. Nowadays people often ask me (people who know nothing of the sport) what it's like to play sitting volleyball and it's always so hard to explain. It's like explaining the taste of strawberry – you can't explain it, you have to try it.


I love playing for my club team and for my country, because they introduced me to this sport which gave me a new positive direction in life.


We should all inform as many people as we can about this sport because it's hard to play and it's exciting and that's what makes it so beautiful and addictive.'